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Blurred Pictures

I recently bought a Canon EOS Rebel Ti. I've taken 2 rolls worth of pictures so far. Every picture was taken with the camera set to the Full Auto mode using the same type of film. Both roles were developed at the same 1-Hour photo lab (at different times.) The pictures from the first roll are great and very sharp. (Which gave some justification to my decision to finally spend some money on a good camera.) Now my problem: The second set of pictures came out terrible. Subjects vary from people, landscape, buildings, day, night, etc and EVERY picture is blurred. Any ideas why I'm seeing such a difference between the two sets of pictures? Everything I've found so far indicates camera shake is to blame. That doesn't make sense to me considering it's every picture and only from the second roll. My initial thought is that the photo lab screwed something up. I'm really not experienced with photography, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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1/10/2004 6:49:30 PM

Bob Cammarata
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  Blurred pictures due to camera shake, is usually a by-product of using a slower shutter speed than one can comfortably hand-hold their camera.
If all of the shots on the roll were fuzzy, it's doubtfull that the lab was to blame. (Were they prints, or slides? Were they two rolls of film of the same speed?)

Is it possible that the ISO setting may have been changed by mistake to a lower number between rolls? This would cause the camera to choose a slow shutter speed.

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1/12/2004 12:21:44 AM

Linda    You may have your camera set on manual focus. When I start getting blurry pictures (I shoot digital, so I know pretty quickly) it's usually because I've bumped it off automatic.

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1/13/2004 11:50:59 AM

Robert C. Duncan   You may have accidently turned off the autofocus switch on the lense. The EOS camera lenses have a switch on the side (AF MF) If the switch is in the MF mode you must turn the focus ring by hand. If the camera is new to you, you may have accidently moved the switch. Make sure the switch is set to AF.

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1/14/2004 8:23:08 PM

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