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Jim Miotke
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Software to Make Panorama Photos

Does anyone know of a good software program that allows you to stitch together a number of photos at the touch of a button? I have used one but find it limiting because it only allows up to five images to be put together. I would like to keep it under $50 - $70. Thanks!

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Kallen    I can recommend either QuickStitch 2.0 ($49.99) or QuickStitch 360 ($69.99), depending on your final application. For more information, please go to

Either program would work fine, QS360 would allow for a complete 360 degree panorama. Hope this helps!

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  I am also interested in doing stitch work and did a lot of research. Never having used this type of software I looked for free shareware to try before I paid for a technology I knew nothing about. I found some great software that is free and accepts more than 5 photos for stitching and has a 360 degree mode as well as a partial mode. You can find the download at I found it good for familiarizing myself with the technology so that when I go to buy a program I will be a lot more consumer literate about stitching software. I hope I have helped you.

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Vincent Lowe   I use PhotoVista from Livepicture - about 30 UK pounds. This also produces those 'virtual reality movies' for Web pages so you can pan the image with the mouse (viewer needs a plug-in, downloadable from their Web site). I've also just got the Pixaround program as mentioned above - only downloaded last weekend so haven't used it much yet but it looks very good (sorry I shelled out for the other one now!). This also produces the movies but uses a java applet, so no plug-in needed. Looks good.

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John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
  I also use PhotoVista from LivePicture, although it's the version previous to the current one . . . which is supposedly even better (according to members of the Panoramic Mail List). PhotoVista is considered to be one of the standards. Mine is easy to use and does nearly all the work itself, unless there are significant problems with the digitized photos to begin with. It does allow manual intervention in these cases. My version can produce a web page template with the finished panoramic in it that can be lifted and dropped into your own page and can only presume the current one will also. I've built web pages using their plug-in viewer with excellent results, including two "virtual tours." PhotoVista output, like any other "stitcher," is dependent on the quality of the digitals you put in, but it does handle some common problems (such as your own shadow in the images shifting between frames and aperture flare) better than any other I tried. I've uploaded 3 "thumbnails" of stitched output from my first set of panos using it. You can see some falloff in them, a function of the lens I used, *not* photovista (I use a different lens now). One is a 180 panoramic, and the other two are complete 360's.

- John

See John's three sample images:
The Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial
White River State Park No 3
White River State Park No 4

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