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Michelle A. 

Flash stuck on camera (Nikon N90)

My flash SB-25 is stuck on camera (Nikon N90). I always kept my flash on camera, and then last few years have not used. Now the flash is stuck on camera and I can't get it off. Any idea's why it is stuck and how to get it off? Tried dripping a little alcohol on it. Can't use more preasure to get off for fear of damaging.

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1/6/2004 1:11:52 PM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  Apologies if you're already aware and have tried this ...

There is a wheel at the base of the SB-25 that both clamps against the camera hotshoe, and extends a locking pin into a matching hole in the hotshoe. Turn this wheel fully (I'm don't recall if it's left or right to release) to free the speedlight.

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1/6/2004 2:35:41 PM

Michelle A.    The wheel is up and unlocked. The SB-25 is stuck in the hotshoe. That is why I am so confused.

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1/7/2004 4:35:59 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  Another wild guess - it could be the locking pin is not being raised with the wheel. I'd next try turning it upside down and try pushing or gently tapping the speedlight foward (fully into the hotshoe) in hopes that pressure on the pin is relieved and it drops out of the hole. Then see if it'll slide out.

Good luck.

I don't think the contacts could have corroded and fused, so either the pin is not releasing or the hotshoe side clamps may have been bent and are too tight on the flash shoe. If you're afraid of breaking either the speedlight or camera by trying to force it out of the hotshoe, then you'll have to resort to a professional service center.

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1/7/2004 5:26:25 AM

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