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What type of camera does Sears portrait studio use

I KNOW before anyone says anything this is kinda a horrible question. But here is the deal I worked at a sps for 10 years taking the "cookie cutter" portraits and I loved it. but I decided I was sick of making money for other people. so I started doing some landscape photos with a with a fuji 602zoom digital camera(which I love) and I have done well with this, selling some prints and things. but I really miss working with kids and want to start my own studio, but I was spoiled by all the things I had at sears, and would at least like to know how I could mount a camera on a motorized rail system to pan, tilt, and zoom. I have been looking at some of the camerz systems but I really what something that moves like what I was used to at sears. Can anyone give me any suggestions or help at all?

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1/3/2004 9:31:53 PM

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