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Dena Turner

preventing digital photos printed on ink jet print

Greetings! I am experiencing problems with my ink jet printed photos, and I am about to give up and return to photo lab prints. But before I take such drastic measures, I thought I would present a few questions here.

Here is the scenerio:
I print my digital photos on a Epson Stylus c82 and sometimes a HP color deskjet. I print on Kodak premium high gloss paper.

With one application, I wanted to print 8x10s and archive in plastic sleeves placed in a binder. The marketing on the plastic sleeve container, which was purchased from my local photography store, stated that the sleeves were made for ink jet printed photography. After much ink and paper consumption, I printed all my photos and was pleased with the layout. Only to discover three days later that the photos had stuck to the plastic sleeves...ruining the finish.

I returned to my photography store to state my problem, and they suggested that I use Marshall's Image Gaurd - at $13 per can - to spray a protective coating on the photos to prevent sticking. I purchased two cans, followed the directions, sprayed 2-3 coats on each photo north-south, east-west allowing to dry between coats. And thought that wasn't too bad...

I purchased sleeves from a different manufacturer - also for digital prints - and used the Marshall's spray. I tested two pages and it seemed to work beautifully. I printed the remainder of the new photos, sprayed them, let them dry, mounted in a photo "scrapbook" and inserted the protective sleeves...all 75 of them. The following day, the photos were stuck to the protective sleeves. Again ruining the finish of the photos AND transferring some of the protective coating to the sleeves...ruining those as well.

I have spent a small fortune in ink, paper and sleeves. And still do not have an acceptable album. Additionally, the Marshall's spray on the high gloss paper resulted in a rather 'flat' and spotty appearance.

Does anyone have recommendation on a spray, paper and sleeve combination that actually works for ink jet prints?

Any direction, insight, knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Dena Turner

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12/22/2003 10:31:12 AM

doug Nelson   Have you tried Epson's paper with their inks? Try that with the sleeves you want to use. If your printer can use Epson's Matte Heavyweight, that may solve your problem. Be sure to dry your prints thoroughly first.

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12/23/2003 5:55:37 AM

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