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I'm 18 years of age and I am currently in an engineering apprenticeship. I really do not like it anymore as it is the same thing day in day out. I was wondering if it were possible to provide me with a starting point of where to get into the photography career? Which is best to do first, get a degree in photography, freelance, trained up etc.? Please help as I am currently thinking of leaving my current job for photography or such like. Thanks!!

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12/8/2003 12:33:16 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  If photos is what thrills you, and it's not just something you like to do every now and then when you get together with your friends, then you could start of by going to college or a jr. college and majoring in it. There's photo journalism, art photog. There's even industrial photog careers because companies need ads and they also need pictures for any new innovations they come up with for magazine articles, etc.
First thing though is that you will need some kind of income, so don't quit your day job. Whether that's the job you have right now or not, you're going to have to buy film, equipment, at some point. Even if you go to school for it, nothing is going to be supplied for you.
And it depends on if you have an interest in a certain field of photo taking. If you like newspaper careers, then you can be a photo journalism major, and while you're in school you get be a stringer(freelance) for a local newspaper. There are internships that you can get also.

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12/8/2003 1:37:34 PM

Ryan Chai   Hey Matthew,
I am a young student as well, and consumed with photography. I would consider watiing for a little bit, I am going to school right now. I am majoring in film and minoring in photography. After my school is done I will have a better shot at professional photography. I have submitted photos to local newspapers that have been edited and used, I enjoy however, nature and fine art photography. The choice is yours, keep with your job till you have a steadier income. Another alternative is to get a job as a photoshop. I was looking at doing that because I could get film 60 % off! That could get me a lot of Velvia!

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12/13/2003 6:34:05 AM

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