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Tamrom lens and 2x converter

Hi there,

I've got a Pentax M-7. I've also got a digital that covers a range of 50mm-150mm. I'm purchasing my first lens for my M-7 after having spent alot of time with friends'lenses.

After doing some research I've decided to purchase a Tamron lens 70-300 mm with an F4 - 5.6. I will also purchase a 2x converter ($250 Canadian).

I figure that this will be a great range of coverage (I love using a macro lens!) between the two cameras at an affordable price. Also, I won't be stuck carrying around a ton of lenses adding extra weight when I travel (which is often).

I found a package that offers the lens and a Manfrotto 714B tripod (which I also need) for $298 (Canadian).

Am I overlooking any other options that would give me such a diverse range without losing photo quality?

Is there anything important I need to know before I purchase these items?

Thank you so much for your input,


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12/4/2003 1:29:18 AM

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