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Kathy Hobbs

Advice on scanner and creating website

I am 53 yrs old and can hardly do a thing on this computer but I am trying very hard to learn.
I have been studying photography for a while now and am doing okay with it.
I have shot several weddings, seniors, and I have a small studio in my home for portrait work.
I still have a lot to learn but, my photography is moving along okay for the time I can spare to put into it.
Everyone tells me "you need a website Kathy"
I have no earthly idea where to start.
I did have one scanner that was suppose to be easy???? Yeah right!
It is now on the closet shelf and out of my sight. (thank goodness)
After hours of effort I finally got the thing to scan 2 pictures and then the scanner would make the preview and get stuck halfway through and not finish the process. I finally just gave up. It was a cheap scanner anyway.
I don't care about printing images, I just want to be able to create a website on Betterphoto and I would like to be able to put images on a cd and send them over the web to you for critique and to send in emails to family and friends.
Any help or suggestions would be so much appreciated for "baby two step" Kathy

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11/8/2003 6:45:59 AM

doug Nelson   Kathy,
Hang with this and don't give up. I'm 56 and experienced quite a learning curve, too. The Articles on my web page may be of some help to you. I assume you are using a flatbed scanner. That will be fine for scanning and posting your pictures.
All the major scanner makers make decent products, but don't buy bottom of the line. Also, be sure the scanner you buy, if used, is compatible with the operating system (Windoes 98, 2000, XP, whatever) your computer uses. I personally like Epson products. The Epson 3600 scanner also does 35mm film as well as prints.

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11/8/2003 7:25:36 AM

Kathy Hobbs   Thank you so much for your reponse Doug.
Do you find the Epson 3600 user friendly or will it be a huge learning process too?

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11/8/2003 3:43:09 PM

doug Nelson   I don't have a 3600, but you can read about it in a back issue of Shutterbug. All flatbeds work basically the same.
The learning curve comes with the imaging software. Elements comes highly recomended, as it's Photoshop-based. The brief guidelines in my Articles are by ni means all you'll need, but there are books on Elements.

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11/10/2003 6:40:25 AM

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