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Marty Cotter

First Digital Camera

Any input about Sony's MVC-CD500 Digital Still Camera? I prefer Carl Zeiss lenses for their outstanding clarity... and this camera has one... plus 5.0 megapixel resolution... aside from that, I have no idea which digital camera to buy. Exactly what should I be looking for?

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10/17/2003 6:57:28 AM

Ryan Chai   Marty,

Sony uses the Carl Zeiss lens name, they build to a set of specifications given by Carl Zeiss but the lenses are built by Sony. So the process of manufacturing is different. A real Carl Zeiss lens built by themselves are outstanding. In this case I would consider a Nikon 5700. It has wonderful ED glass. The metering on the 5700 is outstanding as well.

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10/17/2003 9:31:13 AM

doug Nelson   If you're astute enough to know about Zeiss optics, I doubt if you'll be really happy with this grade of digital. If this camera does not capture in TIF or raw mode, you'll have compromises associated with JPEG only capture to deal with. I have a Sony JPEG only camera. Without going into detail, my next digital will be from a company that makes cameras.
Look for a good buy on a Contax Aria or RTS-series SLR and use Zeiss lenses. If the cost of the camera is too steep, find a late Yashica SLR that takes Contax lenses. The buy a film scanner and learn Photoshop. This will give you high resolution, high color bit digital that will be a match for your excellent optics.
I think Canon's D1S with the full 35mm frame-sized CMOS (capture device) will come down in price, or the CMOS will be available on other Canon SLR's. There is an adapter available from that allows you to use Contax lenses on a Canon EOS. The drawback is the wait for this to happen. If you're willing to live with the multiplier factor that goes with a CMOS smaller than the 35 frame, use Contax lenses on a Canon 10d.

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10/17/2003 10:42:51 AM

Angela Garibay
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  Thanks folks! I guess I will find out the hard way. I just bought one of these Sony Mavicas :(... so I will keep you all posted as to the quality of the photos.

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12/7/2003 9:36:28 PM

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