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Tantus  Branham

How to shoot concerts & sports

I use a Minolta 400si. I take concert photos with some success but in dark clubs when I can't use a flash or a musician is moving images come out blurry. I sometimes use my 70-200mm zoom lens to get faces still blurry. What am I not doing is it the wrong kind of lens, wrong slr body? I also have problems with sport photos I'm within 20-100ft of the subject but it always comes out blurry when the action is moving. Is it me not setting the camera correctly or do I need a better camera? I have used 400 & 800 speed film. Please Help me. Thanks

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10/14/2003 7:18:26 PM

Tony Sweet
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For the situations that you mention, ISO400 and ISO800 aren't even close if you want sharper images in low light. Try Kodak Tmax 3200 and push it to 6400. That will do it for you, unless you're in nightclubs are dark situations. In that case, wait for the subject to stop moving before taking the picture.

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10/15/2003 3:50:27 AM

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