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I don't know too much about photography but I love to take pictures. I have a camera with a built-in flash and I can't turn it off. When I take pictures through a window, the picture has a huge white flash in the middle of it. Is there any way to stop this while keeping the flash on?

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Romen Vargas   First of all check your manual, I'm =SURE= there'll be a way to turn off the flash. But if there really isn't there do avoid flash reflecting back at the camera all you have to do is NOT stand at right-angles to the window. That is stand at 45 degrees to the window... the light won't bounce straight back then. But check your manual to see how to turn that flash off.

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John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
  Romen describes the problem well and gives one good method. Here's another that I've used successfully with one caution to reduce risk of ghosting, and another to protect your lens.

Remove any filters. Light bouncing between the glass window surfaces and the flat filter surfaces can cause a "ghost" image, especially at night. There is still a risk from the window glass alone, but with a filter on the lens it's even higher. Be certain the front lens element does not protrude beyond the front edge of the lens ring, or you can scratch the lens. Not usually an issue unless you are using a fisheye or a super-wide angle with a focal length less than 21mm.

Put the front lens ring flat up against a clean spot on the window and hold it there firmly. Since the lens ring is against the window glass, the light from the flash cannot reflect back from window and into the lens. This method limits your composition to aiming straight through the window, so it may not work for everything, but it is an option if you can't compose it aiming at a 45 degree angle.

-- John

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