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Bud Parry

How to Shoot in a Hockey Arena

I have attempted to shoot pictures of hockey teams inside an arena with my Canoe G2 but am unable to enhance the clarity of the pictures as they are not very clear. I recognize that the lighting is different and have tried several different settings. Any ideas on how to compensate for lighting and image clarity would be appreciated.

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10/14/2003 10:25:25 AM

Josh Lyman   Here's a couple of thoughts you might want to try: First, adjust the white-balance on the G2 to either tungsten or flourescent, depending on which lights are in the arena. This will help the colors be more true, and possibly a little clearer. Second, try setting the shutter speed by moving to Tv mode on the camera setting it at 100, 125, or 160. The camera will probably complain that it is too dark, print your f-stop in red numbers, etc. but should still let you take the picture. The shots may come up a little dark, but you can change that in photoshop, or another digital program if possible. Good luck!


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10/16/2003 9:01:53 AM

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