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Harshakar Salian

Filters for Dreamy Look

I am trying to create a portrait photograph which looks soft with glare (dream effect). Which filter should I use for this effect? I have a set of Lee soft filters. I get soft pictures but not as I desire - with the dream effect.

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Romen Vargas   I would personally use a Diffuser for the effect that I think you want. Just keep in mind the amount of soft focus of diffusement(?) you get will vary upon your focal length plus how close the subject is to the camera. So experiment with the distances. Alternatively you can buy a cheap UV filter and smear it with Petroleum Jelly... but you can never use the UV filter as a UV filter anymore, you can just keep applying Petroleum to it and keep using it as a diffuser.

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Harshakar Salian   Thank you Romen. (6/15/00). I will experiment according to your suggestions.

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