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Kevin S. Lewis
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/10/2003

Photoshop Images Appear Different Online?

Occasionally when I have done some extensive Photoshop work and posted the image to this website OR to my own personal website the images don't appear as they did on my monitor using Photoshop or ANY photo viewer. When viewed online, the images appear to lack the clarity or the quality I thought I had achieved. When viewed on my PC straight from the program they look fine - but when viewed 'online' they more readily show flaws or quality issues. I usually scan my images at 300 and leave it alone. When saving the image for online use I simply reduce the jpg quality to 5 or 6 (or even 7) in order to keep the file size down. Is this the problem or could my PC monitor be wearing rose coloured glasses?
PS - I have had some of my images printed at a lab and the quality is fine.

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10/6/2003 9:32:19 AM

Tony Sweet
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You need to scan at the full resolution of your scanner, i.e. 4000 dpi, 2740 dpi, 8000 dpi, etc. Increase saturation to 15. After resizing to the desired size, use the "save for web" command in Photoshop. After you do that, it becomes a jpg and needs to be resharpened to .5 in the radius box. Jim Miotke's Photoshop for Photographers Course is highly recommended.

Good luck!

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10/6/2003 10:29:05 AM

Kevin S. Lewis
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/10/2003
  Thanks Tony! I do believe you've shed some light. Now I have some experimenting to do.

Thanks again,

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10/6/2003 11:51:51 AM

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