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Joyce A. Miller

Requirements for taking pics of private property

I am concerned about getting permission or if permission is needed to take photographs of private property if the photographer is not on the private property. Is there such a thing as "free space?" For example, is permission needed or does any legal requirment need to be met if you take a picture of a landmark/lake/nature preserve/church/animal/someones flower garden etc. and sell that photograph in some form in your business ?

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9/27/2003 9:52:51 AM

Rocky L. Federwitz   thank you for asking this question. I also have taken thousands of shots while traveling this past year, farm scenes, old school houses, amish farms, lots and lots of cows and horses, and much more. having six vehicles stop by me, three asked if I needed help, two in a pick-up thought I was a terrorist (out in amish central wi?), one family thought I was a spy (taking photos of weeds that blew up in a tree along road outside their house), and one basically was concerned that I was a pervert (while taking photos of old school house on edge of highway and gravel road, the family farm maybe the first one a half mile down the road. a little girl asked my what I was doing as I took photos from the car, while mother and others were walking down road a quarter mile away, yelling for her, then coming to question me). not bad, I suppose, for countless hours of driving and shooting photos, nevertheless. thanks for any input offered to joyce, and me. blessings to all. rocky

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4/23/2004 12:45:41 AM

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