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Lana Manis
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Shooting Sunsets with Digital Camera

A few evenings ago I saw a beautiful sunset. The sky was still a pale blue, but the sun peeking out was a deep orange red. Everytime I looked at it through the LCD on my Minolta S414 it looked washed out. I took the picture anyway, thinking it was just the LCD, but when I put them on the computer to view, they were still pale and washed out. I didn't usually have this problem with my Canon Rebel II. What do I need to do to ensure I'm getting what I'm seeing with my eyes and not the LCD is showing?

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9/23/2003 12:26:15 PM

doug Nelson   Look at your images in Elements, Photoshop LE or Photoshop. A simple brightness and/or contrast tweak may fix them. The tool for this is called Levels. This will work if enough light got to the CCD, the digital device that turns light and color into pixels. The image program can't fix what is not there, though.

All these point'n shoot digitals have more flexibility than we think. The light meter may have overreacted to the sun itself, or maybe the overall darkness fooled it. These little cameras often have some sort of exposure compensation available. "Plus" settings mean more exposure, "Minus" setting mean less. Some of them actually have a Scene Mode for sunsets.
Keep working at this and try to figure out what you need to do. It will be a learning experience for you.

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9/23/2003 1:10:31 PM

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