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Betty H

Lighting & backdrops

I currently have an old Kodak DC240. I have ordered a Rebel Cannon Digital...I already have two great lenses that will fit.

I want to sell online and I have seen these EZCubes for $90. Can't I just build one with muslin and sticks? I bought three 50 Watt halogen clip on desk lamps. Will that suffice until I see if I can sell anything before I go into the more expensive lighting? Would styrofoam glued together work just as well to make a box to shoot items in?

I assume I should turn the flash off as you recommended to another person in your Q&A.

Yep, I'm looking for an inexpensive set up that won't look like it. Suggestions are what I need. Thank you, Betty

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9/15/2003 2:30:25 PM

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