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Donna R. Moratelli
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/23/2000

Photo Transfer Software Problems

Hi everyone, I was curious to know if anyone here knew of a better photo transfer software than ZoombrowserEX. I ended up with this program because it was packaged with my D60 camera. It has corrupted and has also made my system unstable according to the Canon reps that have been helping me for three solid days... I have spent hours and hours loading and reloading this software and I can't seem to get it to work. The images won't transfer to the pc. I get errors constantly and also lock ups.
I picked up a Canon G3 to use as a backup camera and it came with an upgrade zoombrowser. It sounded wonderful but ended up being a big mistake! It does not function properly either and needed a patch immediatly. It didn't work either. I now can't use my origional zoombrowser or the upgrade because of a conflict with the software program upgrade. It's very strange and unusual for this type of thing to happen, I would assume. . .

. I really, reeeaaally would like to start off fresh and reload the entire system and start with a less bulky photo transfer software that runs well with microsoft millemium and can upload images from a D60 and a G1 to my pc. I would appreciate it if anyone here has any computer knowledge with photo uploading and knowledge of a great photo transfer program that would work for me!I have about 100 raw images sitting in flash cards waiting with baited breath to get downloaded. It's getting worse than waiting for slides to be processed! Thanks ahead of time.

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9/11/2003 8:01:23 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   I've heard Capture1 is a good program.

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9/11/2003 10:23:28 PM

doug Nelson   See for information on the Photoshop plug-in for raw images. If it serves the transfer function, then it'd be a good alternative for you. I read somewhere that it's $100. It will be part of future changes in Photoshop.
It's disturbing that a major manufacturer can't give the product the software support it needs and deserves. Listening, Canon? How about designing it right the first time?

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9/12/2003 6:56:45 AM

Jean-Francois Schmutz   Hello Donna !

I use Downloader Pro, you can give a look here :

A bientôt !


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9/12/2003 9:16:41 AM

Donna R. Moratelli
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/23/2000
  Thanks guys!!!

JF, Downloader pro sounds great as does the PS plug in. Right now though the PS in my system is in bad shape because of not being able to uninstall certain things which created a snowball effect so until I unload the sytem and reload, I'll pick up the Downloader pro just to save the remainder of my work so I can keep shooting while I wait for the pc to get fixed... finally I can start fresh. I just orderd a 120g hard drive also to use as a master drive and now I am getting excited!. THANKS A MILLION for the great info. I'll bookmark this page.

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9/14/2003 4:53:16 PM

Donna R. Moratelli
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/23/2000
  I had an afterthought Doug, The more I think about that plug in the more I like the idea of it. It makes a lot of sense for ADOBE come up with a trafer progam. I'm definatly going to plug it in and the price sounds very reaonable.Thank you.

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9/14/2003 6:29:36 PM

Alain    Hi Donna. I've been strugling myself with Zoombrowzer from Canon, and discovered quickly that - for example - rotating images had a bad impact on image resolution. I'm using a D30 and a G3. I decided rather quickly to stop using any kind of software to upload images, and instead I purchased a cheap card reader, which is recognized as a removable disk on your system, and you simply do a drag and drop in explorer. This way, you can decide to leave pictures on the card or not, delete them, etc... It's a realy good investment !

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9/17/2003 12:28:17 AM

Rachael B. Leonard   Hope you've had luck Donna.
No one has said yet that Windows Millenium has a reputation of being one of Windows worst operating systems. Very glitchy and tempermental. I would seriously recommend upgrading to Windows XP. I use ZoomBrowser for both the Canon G3 and the 10D and I haven't had any problems. (knock on wood.) Again, good luck.

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9/17/2003 7:29:15 AM

Melissa N. Trittin   If you decide to go with Photoshop RAW plug-in, two thoughts. I have heard a rumor that Photoshop 8 will be out this fall and will include the RAW file transfer ability. If you decide not to wait make sure that your camera is supported, for example the EOS 10D is not.

Good luck

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9/17/2003 2:22:31 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  I have a canon D60. Didn't yours come with photoshop 5.5 LE? I use that becasue it's simpler than zoombrowser.

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11/16/2003 3:16:25 PM

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