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RoxAnne E. Franklin

how to shoot the Christmas photo?

I have a question regarding a photo shoot I have promised to do. It's wanted for a xmas card.
Details are as follows:

10 year old girl, fair complexion, light brown hair
1 Bichon Frieze, all white, except for the dark eyes, and black nose.
being shot inside the home in front of a fireplace that's redbrick, with a gold reflective firescreen in front.
the dog will be wearing a santa hat that is red and trimmed with white fur.
The child will be wearing a solid color outfit, color unknown as of this date.

My observations:
I will be using fuji NPH 400 film to do the shoot since it's inside at 4:30 in the afternoon in Oct. There are huge east facing windows to the left of the fireplace, about 14 feet away. The property is wooded, therefore, I have very diffused light, all the walls and ceilings are white.
Canon elan 7e, 550ex flash, 2 monolight strobes that are 320 wts each, barndoors, one 7 foot diffusion screen, and a 45" white satin umbrella.

Is 400 speed enough?
would it be best to use the 550ex only and bounce it off the ceiling which is about 8 foot overhead?
How do I keep the reflective gold fireplace screen from giving me lens flare?
Should I use the monolight setup instead of the 550EX?

My thoughts were that I would use the 550EX, bounce it off the ceiling, poistion myself so that the refelctive fireplace screen would be at an angle, rather than straight on.
I wanted to use a fast shutter speed because of the dog and child moving. This would elliminate blur. I have a 70 - 300 zoom, not fast, it's a 5.6, I have an 85mm portrait lens 2.8. I find that the zoom lens is easier with kids, rather than the portrait lens. With the zoom I can move with them. Therefore, my light will be limiited if I choose to use the zoom.
Because of the white dog and the fair skinned child, should I meter the dog and stop down 1 or 2 stops? And, how will I get a seperation appearance with the hat on the dog? The fur on the hat will make it white fur on white fur and it might wash out.
Should my 550 ex be set to shoot a couple of stops down from the camera settings?

All help is appreciated. I know this is wordy, however, I wanted to make sure you had the full effect of the shoot.


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9/10/2003 2:20:42 PM

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