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Luigi Val

Film versus Digital

Hi there are certainly somethings a film camera can not do,that a digital one can,like for example:the preview
which is a great feature when you are being paid for doing an specific job...
because if you do not like it,you just
erase it...the same thing with all the
other convenient features they have...
I can not say it did cost me a lot to
change from film to digital....after
being used to use pro slides and medium
format for so many trust...
using paper again...was difficult...
But after looking at all what backed it
I felt reasured...I wonder if pro slides
manufaturers will ever go digital..?
A friend told me he went to a printing
shop to make a photographic collage and
he took four pictures: three of them where in normal photo paper and one in
inkjet digital paper..they only accep
ted the ones in normal photo paper....
because they told him it would turn out
too doted...Can somebody tell me what
did the printshop owner suggested him
to do...? Is this one point less against
digital lovers or one in favor of film
lovers...? I know the answer,but I would like to know your opinion dear colleagues...ok..? Thank you!

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9/10/2003 1:28:12 PM

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