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Madison Blackford

how to light nudes? - beginer

Is it possible to take great, or reasonably good pictures, using a simple Panasonic PV- SD4090 digital camera?

I need to illustrate an art term paper, using several nude compositions. Most of them placed indoors.

Do I need to purchase expensive lighting accessories or, are there techniques to simply, utilize the resources available and those of the camera?
I am proficient in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

I'm just getting started in the photographic world.

Thank you

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8/31/2003 11:53:46 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   With all the expensive and inexpensive light sources available out there in the world still the best is window light. Put your subject next to a large window receiving indirect sunlight and you can't miss. Well unless you have a lot of trafic going by that window. Then you may cause an accident.

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9/1/2003 8:30:20 PM

Madison Blackford   Thank you Jeff for your responce. I will be using the window trick if at all possible. I'm excited about the world of photography!

Madison Blackford

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9/1/2003 10:59:49 PM

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