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Marguerite Scheepers

Painting my own backdrop

What kind of paint should I use to paint my own backdrop?
I have two backdrops, the one I had painted by a “professional” it cost me a fortune. It’s seems to be to light in the center and makes lines and creases, dare I try and fix it by applying more paint myself? I want to attempt painting the second backdrop, any advice?

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8/19/2003 1:51:59 AM

Judith A. Clark   What are you painting on. I use fabric paint (reason being, you can throw it in the washer). I have painted on a plain white sheet, and a canvas drop cloth from a paint store.

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8/19/2003 4:20:17 AM

Tiffany M. Barkevich   Hey Marguerite,
i am also a painter and know alot about this kind of topic.
Judith has a point. What kind of background are you working with? this can be very important.
if you just plan to paint on a sheet of regular paper, then you can use ACRYLIC paint.
there is another type of paint that is similar that is called GOUACHE paint.
or depending on what style of backdrop you want, you can use WATER COLOUR paints.
ACRYLIC is the thickest type of paint(out of the 3) if you want some bolder,stronger color.
WATER COLOUR can be SERIOUSLY dilluted,which can give you a very light and delicate style.
GOUACHE paint is basically a mix of the two. It can be very bright and it can also be very all depends on how much water you use.
All of these paints are water soluable, but dont assume that you can just by one and expect the same results.
My favorite is the GOUACHE paint. it is extremely workable.
don't use oil paint, unless you have a huge canvas. otherwise,it'll look really bad.OIL paint also takes forever to dry;and canvas is expensive too.

Hope this helps,
Tiffany Barkevich

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8/20/2003 12:32:39 AM

Marguerite Scheepers   Thank you both, Tiffany & Judith C.
I tried to upload a picture to go with my question to give an idea of what I was working with, obviously did not do it right. It is very big linen sheets the first one was painted with acrylic paint and a few cans of spray paint. It’s not a designed picture, but a different shades of color background to use especially for group photo’s at wedding’s and functions.
Thanks for the help

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8/20/2003 1:50:20 AM

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