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Tiffany M. Barkevich

How to Perfect Cross Processing?

Please somebody help me on this. I try to contribute as many answers as I can and no one can tell me more about cross processing.i need to know why my cross processed photos turn out so dark. I know that when there is tons of light it works beautifully. what do you recomend I do when I have an exteamly low light situation, like live band shows?

Tiffany Barkevich

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8/12/2003 2:20:18 AM

Victoria    Use a flash? I have no idea. Why dont you try doing a search? You could have already had your answer by now. Dont ya think?

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8/14/2003 12:45:57 AM

Tiffany M. Barkevich   hi Victora
duh.....i was using a flash but it is just not powerful enough to light up an extremely dark stage. I have been trying to ask other sites as well, but nobody, with the exception of Jon Close, could give me any USEFUL ya...i think.

Tiffany Barkevich

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8/14/2003 3:56:03 AM

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