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Sandy Mitman

Canon - G3 or powershot S400

I have been in the process of deciding which digital camera to buy for some time now and I am ready to buy. I'd asked about the G3 and some others..Olympus 5050 etc. I need good quality shots close up for botanical illustration reference as well as quality candid shots. I am not too computer savy and need something that wont blow me away technically. I would sacrafice for quality though. I just dont want to get something and be disappointed so I am hesitant to get anything. Now the time has come, I can't stand waffling back and forth one more minute. I am probebly going with the Canon G3 or the Canon powershot S400. So can anyone help. You all were so helpful the last time I'd asked a question. I thank you.
sandy M.

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8/1/2003 8:56:19 AM

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