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RoxAnne E. Franklin

How to photograph 7 cats???

I have entered the wonderful (?) world of pet photography. I have a request to do a group photo of 7 cats (!!:() Some are friendly and some are not. My question is... with all the different colors, such as red tabby, grey, silver, white and black, how in the world do I meter this shot?
I use a canon Elan 7E, I use predominately fuji NPH cause I like the color renditions, and I have an 85mm 2.8 lens, a 28 - 90 5.6, and a 75-300 4-5/6 zoom lens. The shoot will be indoors and I have suggested that we try to confine the cats to one small space, which I have no clue how to do, and try to shoot by north window light.
However, I do have a 550 ex that I generally use for animals to help freeze the action. I can bounce the head off the ceiling if I need to. I have an excalibur 3200 umbrella strobe setup, but have not really gotten serious about using it, so I would like to avoid using it till I practice with it more. Also, I do have a tripod, but i'm hesitant to use it with the cats due to some of them being a slight overactive.
Any suggestions anyone would have about doing this shoot would be so very much appreciated.

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7/21/2003 6:47:53 AM

Colleen L. Mayorga   the best I can say is to bracket every shot. take a full roll of 24 or 34 exposure and make sure you don't use continuious shooting.

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1/13/2005 9:42:15 AM

Kerry L. Walker   Believe me, metering won't be your biggest problem. Your film probably will be able to handle the variety of colors. However, have you ever tried to herd cats? Good luck. Whatever you get paid, it will be worth it.

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1/13/2005 11:39:23 AM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  I'm with Kerry!
Cats are individualists, and getting a group of them together sounds like a photographer's worst nightmare.
As to your metering question,...try metering the "gray" one....if he'll let you. :)

Good luck!

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1/13/2005 2:57:32 PM

RoxAnne E. Franklin   Thanks for answering the question. I didnt remember I posted it. Too funny, the shoot never happened. I was glad because I think it had the potential for a nightmare.

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1/13/2005 3:22:00 PM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  This IS funny RoxAnne.
I just checked the date, and saw that you posted this question two summers ago.
I'm glad it re-surfaced,...(I needed a good laugh today!)

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1/13/2005 3:29:37 PM

Kerry L. Walker   Same here. Didn't notice the date before. Oh well, it was funny.

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1/13/2005 3:32:53 PM

RoxAnne E. Franklin   I know, it's really hilarious, especially when I read it again. I have certainly come a long long way since then. I think it's fun to go back and look at old questions, it gives a person confidence to know they learned alot since those times.
oh and the reason the shoot never came to be is because the guy was a real head case. I lugged all my equipment to his house on the agreed upon date and he answered the door and said he never saw me before in his life.
really wierd!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
I wont forget that one for alllllong time!

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1/13/2005 3:38:04 PM

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