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Jaxon White

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I recieved the letter about being a "semi-finalist" a while ago, but never did anything with it. I was thinking about it today, and thought I could go on the site and register my photo that way. I "licensed" it for sale w/ the partner site I e-mailed them a few minutes later, and the e-mail bounced back. Which prompted me to google them. I found this site, and instantly got scared. I don't want my photo being sold and not recieve any credit/royalites for it! So I got the number for customer service ('s) and called them. They unlicensed it over the phone with me and told me it would be effective within 10 minutes. Hopefully that is true.

I checked out the BBB for info on and found they are in good standing with them. So maybe that is hopeful? You can check it out at and entering into the search box.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be a big scam, especially to prey on people who take imense pride in their work, and want to share it with others.

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7/16/2003 8:22:10 AM

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