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Sandy Mitman

From 35mm to Digital Purchase Advice

My choices in order of interest so far are (unless you have a recommendation): Sony F717, or Canon G3 or Nikon 5400.

I use my camera for closeups, florals, nature photography, fun candid shots, and reference for illustrations and watercolors. I need good detail and crisp quality for botanical illustrations. So you see, it must be somewhat versitile. Thankyou.

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7/14/2003 7:42:28 AM

Linda Smith   I got the sony F717 in March. This my first digital, and I LOVE it. My husband talked me into getting a 5mp or plus camera, and I am glad I did. After several months of comparing and shopping I choose the Sony, and have not regetted my choice.

Good Luck

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7/14/2003 12:14:45 PM

louis    Go for the G3. For one thing, the CF memory cards are a LOT more reasonable in price than Sony Memory Sticks and that must be calculated in the cost. And unless you plan to do a large amout of croping, or make very large blowups, the 1 mp difference can be ignored. I think you would be very happy with the Canon G3. Whatever you get though I'm sure you'll enjoy it very much.

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7/15/2003 7:10:47 AM

Jeff Holmes   I did the same reseach 6 months ago. I reccommend the Olympus Z-5050. It has all and more of the features on the Sony, Nikon and Canon.
Why I boutht the Olympus.: 2 card slots (CF/Microdrive & new xD Picture card.
Runs on rechargable AA Batteries.
Best of all - a 1.8 lens! The 3x optical is less than the other 3, but a 2x lens adapter brings it up to 6x optical. It RAW, Tiff and multiple jpeg modes.
Obviously, I heartily recommend the 5050 and costs less than the 3 mentioned.

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7/15/2003 8:47:42 AM

Karen Seargeant
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/18/2003
  I researched alot before I bought the Canon G2. I am sure the G3 is nothing but better than my G2. I don't know anything about the other cameras to offer comps, but I will tell you that I am wonderfully happy with my G2 and would recommend the Canon to anyone. The final seller to me was the swivel viewfinder. Like I said, I don't know if the other cameras have that feature, but it has sure come in handy. It has optional accessories, like wide angle lens/telephoto, etc and so many more features that I have never used yet. This camera had everything that I could think of wanting for the future, like time lapse capability (with PC). The batteries last very well with my camera and are rechargeable. Good luck on your purchase no matter how you choose!

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7/15/2003 11:29:15 AM

Judith A. Clark   The price on the Digital SlRs are coming down do some research on these, If you can at all afford it go this way. You will not lose the control you had with 35mm slr, I have a Nikon D100 (I wish I had waited for the Canon D10), but I love mine and haven't regreted the discission yet.

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7/15/2003 11:33:32 AM

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