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Caroline Greaney

How to Shoot Through Window

How do I best take photo through window while moving - eg on a train?

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7/2/2003 1:21:11 AM

Jon Close
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  Use a lens hood and put the lenshood against the window to block any reflections or glare. If you cannot get close enough to the window then using a polarizing filter can cut glare.

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7/2/2003 1:51:38 PM

Bonita A. Dubil  
  Vegas Strip
Vegas Strip
I know I was using a 50mm Nikor lense, and had the camera on auto select so that I could concentrate on the rest
© Bonita A. Dubil
Nikon N70/F70 SLR ...
Of course opening the window is always best when possible. I am including a picture I took out of the window of a moving car. When I look at it, it's hard for me to believe I was able to hold the camera still enough.

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7/13/2003 7:52:26 PM

Bonita A. Dubil   PS Click on the picture to see full size as the thumbnail is blurred.

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7/13/2003 8:01:14 PM

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