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Film ISO vs weather, what are the relationship?

I have an Canon EOS Kiss IIIL SLR with 28-80 and 100-300 Sigma lens but compatible with Canon. For the first time, I got some potrait, what was excellent. But, usually I like to shoot outdor e.g. land scape and nature. Meanwhile, I went to the sea shore in a hot shiny day and I have been used ISO-400 Fuji super film, some pix I got with 28-80 and some with 100-300 (although usually I used at 100) lens. Most of them was with dark shade one side of face and the color of pix was not really soft. Most of the pix like a sweating face. Moreover, the pix taken by 100-300 was really different from, what was found in the view finder. Someone told me that you had to use lower speed (ISO 100) film in such shiny weather. Actually what was the problem? Please can you let me know your expert opinion in this regard? Please....

S. Islam
Okayama City

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6/24/2003 3:47:01 AM

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