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Yvonne Muller

Autofocus Technique

Please go over the technique of using autofocus on fast moving subjects. I miss too many shots because they're not in focus at the split second that I need to trip the shutter. I never shoot at less that a 250th of a second, but try for a 500th. I shoot on continuous and I set the focal area to centered. I try to center the part of the subjeat (horse) that I want sharpest. I keep the shutter release button half-way depressed to activate auto focus while panning with the horses movement. Then I watch as it wanders, looking for focus. Could it be that the center-focus is too small an area, and if I get it on the horses neck instead of his eye the camera sees nothing to focus on? I'm so anxious for really sharp pix that I hesitate to put the focus selector on wide area. I do hope that's not my problem... but maybe spot focus shouldn't be used for moving subjects. I get soft focus much of the time. It was better with a borrowed F5 - the sharp ones were really sharp. Still, it searched when I wanted it to trip the shutter. Could you help, please?

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6/14/2003 9:28:05 AM

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