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Amie Kyte


I really want to buy a zoom for my Canon Rebel 2000! I have Tamron 70-300mm and am not pleased with the picture quality. I want to invest in a better lens. I can spend MAYBE up to $500-$600 but would love to spend less of course. I take lots of photos of my daughter and her friends, Can anyone make a suggestion? I've thought about Sigma EX series???? or going for the Canon, but there are soooo many to choose from and such mixed reviews!Thanks

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6/11/2003 11:10:48 AM

Jon Close
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  What don't you like about your pictures? Dull, washed out colors? Could be you need to use a lens hood outdoors. General unsharpness at 300mm? The Tamron 70-300 f/4-5.6 LD is generally regarded as a pretty good lens for <$300, but like its competitors is a bit "soft" wide open. You could try stopping down to f/8 or f/11 (and use faster film), or you could switch to the EF 70-200 f/4L USM (<$600), which is very sharp wide open, but you'll be left short of 300mm.

If your results are blurry because of camera shake at the telephoto end, then either faster film, better technique (brace yourself better or use a monopod), or an Image Stabilization lens like the EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM (<$500) may help.

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6/12/2003 8:41:23 AM

Amie Kyte   Thanks for the responses.... I don't get good contrast and they also lack in sharpness! I thought about the EF 75-300 IS USM but there's lots of negative reviews??????? Who knows? I've also looked at the SIGMA 28-300MM HYPER ZOOM. Sounds so universal for a beginner like me. I've found a few reviews on it but it's fairly new. ANY MORE HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.:)

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6/12/2003 5:48:24 PM

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