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Stacey LaPorte

5 Rolls of Film Developed with No Pictures!

What could be causing there to be no pictures on my processed film? The film advanced but when I had it developed there were no pictures on my negatives. I have a Canon EOS 3 and have been using it without a problem for the last two years. It even had a new battery when taking these pictures. Is it my camera? The film (although there were 5 rolls taken)? Help me please!

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6/10/2003 5:22:13 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2002
  Do you have more than 5 rolls of film taken and some came back OK?

The negatives that came back blank, were they exactly the same that you had dropped off for process - brand, type and ISO (you can get all these information from the edge of the film)?

Is the negatives being exposed (orange color if being exposed and black not exposed)? Usually the 'leader' of each roll is black and the exposed frames are orange.

Now you can check your camera. Mainly you want to see if the mirror flip up when the shutter is pressed and the shutter is open. Turn on the camera and set it on 'manual' (M mode). Remove your lens. Set the shutter speed to, say, 1 second or longer. Open the back (make sure you do not touch the shutter blades) and press the shutter. Do you see the shutter open and the mirror flip up? Try a few times with different shutter speed. If you do see the mirror and shutter are working, then I don't think that is your camera's problem.

Worst come to worst, just put a test roll of film in the camera and try to shoot something and have it develope in another store. Hope this helps.

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6/12/2003 7:29:45 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2002
  Correction. The leader of the film is black because it's being exposed to light (not unexposed). What was I thinking????

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6/12/2003 7:35:26 AM

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