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how to shoot double and multiple exposure

how to make double and multiple exposure?

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5/13/2003 11:46:09 AM

Joan Bellinger   What type of camera are you using?

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5/14/2003 11:39:18 AM

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  Though many modern SLRs have multiple exposure feature, if your camera does not have that, it may be very, very difficult (or impossible).

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5/14/2003 12:46:54 PM

Bradford E. Anechiarico   As mentioned, it really depends upon what kind of camera you have. Some allow multiple exposures and some of the older ones you must do manually. Example, I have a Minolta XG-7 that does not allow multiple exposures, but when I want to do one I first take up the slack in the film by turning the rewind whell until it gets tight. Then I press the rewind release button on the bottom of the camera (while still holding the rewind knob in place) and take the shot. Making sure to hold the rewind wheel and press the rewind release button, I then use the rewind wheel for about one turn or revolution which is approximately one frame (as it will not actually advance since the rewind button has been released and it sort of fools the camera). This method takes some practice because the one revolution rule is really a guideline and you will have to do it a few times to see exactly how far to rewind the film to get another exposure on the same frame.I then take another shot on that frame and I then will have taken two exposures on one frame.

You just have to do a lot of experimental shots to see how far to advance and such. And this is also taking into account that this is an older manual SLR and a lot of the newer ones will totally prevent this, as well as some will have a method built in to do it automatically.

Good luck! Let us see some of your results if you can get it to work.

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5/18/2003 7:41:44 PM

Phil Penne   I use a method similar to Bradford A.'s, but without rewinding a frame.
1)Take the first shot normally
2) Turn the rewind crank to take up the slack in the film
3)While holding the rewind crank in place, depress the rewind clutch button.
4)Still holding the rewind knob in place, crank the film advance lever as you normally would.
If all goes well, this method will allow you to cock the shutter without physically advancing the film. Be advised that a bit of slippage is bound to occur, so your frame registration will not be right on the money but, with a little trial and error, this method works pretty well.

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5/19/2003 7:55:22 AM

Joel    thank you very much
mr. Bradford and mr. Phil your answered were very helpful.

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5/19/2003 11:08:21 AM

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