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Brendan Wilson

Pentax MX light meter trouble

Hi Folks,
The light meter in my faithful Pentax MX as started behaving strangely. Under normal daylight conditions the meter always reads low (i.e., suggests a speed of 1/8 or 1/4 at F16, ASA of 200!). I can get the reading to change to 1/60 or slightly higher, but only by pushing the ASA to crazy high settings. Iíve done the obvious and changed the batteries, and checked for any but the problem remains. Any suggestions before I put my machine in a box and ship it out of the bush to the big smoke for surgery?

Thanks, Brendan.

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4/30/2003 11:40:59 PM

doug Nelson   If it's not the battery, it's probably time for a CLA (clean, lubricate, adjust). I'd like to see you keep your MX, but, if you decide not to, I am told you can use your K-mount lenses on most newer Pentax autofocus bodies in the manual focus mode. You might use google and seek out camera repair forums to get some insight on the specific problem.

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5/1/2003 5:10:12 AM

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