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Elise  M. Deines

D76 developer

When I poured my D76 into the beaker to mix with water and start development of my film, I realized it was brown in color. I'v never had this happen before, maybe because my developer's never been able to sit in the jug for long enough, but does this mean it's bad? It's probably been in the jug for about a month now.

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4/26/2003 8:15:02 PM

Stan    I've had both paper and film developer turn brown over time. Both would still work. However, if the film is important to you, you may want to use the developer on a test roll, or start with a fresh batch.
A month doesn't sound bad to me, but you may also want to check kodak's website to see what they say about shelf life.
Another thought - do you keep your chemicals in opaque containers? Are they stored in a dark, cool location? Keeping chemicals cool, dark, and air tight will prolong shelf life.

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4/27/2003 7:08:04 AM

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