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Deb Frantz
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How to shoot interesting architectural space

My boss asked me to take photos of his new house, "making interesting architectural space interior as well as exterior spaces". He wants different moods through use of light and color in spaces. Would it be best to used tungsten film or daylight film? And I need help with the best way to adjust for indoor lighting and daylight outdoor images.

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4/18/2003 12:06:59 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Which film you choose depends upon several factors. Firt of all what kind of moods are you looking for? For instance, if you want a warm cozy mood then you might want to stay with daylight film and shoot with some (or all) tungsten light. Conversely if you are going for a cool look then shoot with the tungsten film and a bit of flash or exterior light. If you want to balance the inside expsoure with the outside exposure you either have to shoot when the light outside is low or you will need to use flash indoors to raise the light level.

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4/18/2003 1:39:24 PM

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