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Linda Russell

Interior Room Shots for Builders/Real Estate

I love photography especially outdoors, kids, animals, landscapes, etc., but my boss has bought me a Nikon D-100 and told me my job is now photographing his work (buildings). I need help! I am working mostly with low light situations and my flash is showing up in the worst places. I have also been told to photograph the doors in the house in particular because he makes his own doors, and the flash really bounces back. I tried one of those inflatable soft boxes on the flash but you still see the flash on the door. Any suggestions?

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4/9/2003 8:42:50 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   One of the best ways I've found to light interiors on a budget is to get a translucent umbrella. I place the umbrella in a corner of the room aimed up at the corner. Fortunately you are shooting with digital so you can reposition the light as needed to eliminate reflections. You will need an umbrella ($15-30), a Photoflex multiclamp (to connect the flash, umbrella, and attach it to a tripod), a separate tripod for the light setup, and a long PC cord for the flash (or some kind of slave trigger).

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4/9/2003 10:05:06 AM

Linda Russell   Thank you so much I will give that a try!

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4/9/2003 12:56:03 PM

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