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RoxAnne E. Franklin

How to Shoot a Pug Pup in Natural Light

Ok, here goes, I need a response on this quickly if someone is willing to jump in and help.

I have a photo shoot that will mean more business if it all goes well. I have to shoot my vet's 15 year old pug. She wants something artsy and black and white.

I shoot a Canon Elan 7e, and I have an 85mm portrait lens 1.8 that I'll probably use. I have some TRIX 135 speed, and TMAX 400 in the fridge. My question is, any pose suggestions out there? I am free to do whatever I wish, just so it's artsy. I've never seen an artsy pug, but I guess I have to create one. Help, someone!

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4/8/2003 9:50:32 AM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
Be ready to spend some time doing this. It is very difficult to deliberately pose a pet unless it is extremely well trained! Very few dogs are trained to "stay" sitting or laying down until "released" from the command by its owner. Try to do it in a location familiar to the dog and at a time of day that fits in with the dog's normal "schedule" when it is mildly active. If that's not possible, allow some time for the dog to become familiar with the surroundings. Either way, it will also need to become familiar with you and your equipment. Dogs are naturally curious (I've had nose prints on lenses before).

Observe natural behaviors and interaction for a while, where they occur, and what triggers them. Then develop a strategy for how you can position yourself for what you want when those behaviors occur and work at triggering them. Watch for unexpected "grab shots." These can sometimes be the best ones. Behaviors include when, how and why a pet sits and lays down.

Be prepared to occasionally give it a rest; all models need periodic breaks. Patience wins and if it's a "bad day" be prepared to return on a different one or at a different time.

-- John

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4/12/2003 10:24:17 PM

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