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80A filter used with tungsten lighting

I am new to photography, so please bare with me. I have a Canon Rebel 2000 camera and love it!!! Only, one problem. I take a lot of indoor shots. I have an 80a filter that I use from time to time to accommodate the tungsten lighting problems. Most of the time I use ISO 200 or ISO 400 speed film. The pictures I take with this filter always come back with a blue hue look to them. Some pictures are very blue while others are not so blue. I always use the built-in flash when taking the indoor pictures. Most of the time I have the camera setting on the automatic setting "P" (program). What can I do to get rid of the blue look to my photos and not have the yellow look that would appear without the filter?

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Morgan W. Bird   Fairly new to using filters, but I have an idea what the problem may be. The blue 80A will compensate for the yellow color of the room lights, but if you use a flash every time, you're filling the room with the white light of the flash, which is most likely a lot brighter than the room lights. As a result, the blue filter is just turning the white light blue, hence the blue cast to your pictures. Ditch either the flash or the filter when shooting indoors and you should be fine. Hope this helps.

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