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Equipment needed to scan my film


I take alot of pictures and Im interested in developing my own negatives and then using a 35mm scanner to convert them to files. Can you recommend what equipment I would need to develop my own negatives so I can use a 35mm scanner? I will be scanning up to 20 rolls per day so I need something that is very economical but easy to use as well. Is this something I would be able to do by myself at home or do those types of machines cost thousnads? Thank you in advance for your help.


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3/31/2003 12:10:10 PM

doug Nelson   If you are speaking of doing your own black-and-white developing, the film development part is fairly easy. Developing color is possible in a home darkroom, bu the temperatures are so critical that you'd probably be better off letting a trusted lab do your color developing.
Once you have the negatives, you can scan them with a surprisingly inexpensive film scanner. Check out those by Acer and Pacific Imaging.
You will need a more expensive scanner IF you scan a lot of slides, because the shadow areas of slides tend to be rather dense. IF you want to scan silver-based black-and-white, be sure your scanner can scan the negative as a positive. The details for this technique are in Sep 2002 Shutterbug. If your black-and-white is the C-41 process (same as color chemistry), then scan them normally as negatives.
If you want the best in a film scanner, be prepared to spend about $1000 for a scanner with Silverfast scanning software, and a recent version of Photoshop, another $600. For starters, however, go with a more affordable scanner and Adobe Elements or Photoshop LE. The more economical set-up will get you images as good as any of ours' in these galleries.

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4/1/2003 5:17:20 AM

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