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Paula A. De Stefano

Daytime, indoor restaurant

I always have trouble with exposure settings when shooting B & W in low light conditions. I want to get some shots of friends at lunch in a restaurant that has low light, but is not dark, i.e., some sun light from the windows. I bought a new film, Neopan 1600, that I thought I'd try and I'll manually adjust apeture & shutter speeds according to my meter (old Nikon, F1??) but I don't want to be spending all my time metering. Can someone suggest an easy approach to this, or explain my choices? Thanks!

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3/25/2003 1:10:07 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   If the light is even and the same on all your friends then you only need to meter once.

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3/25/2003 10:07:48 PM

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