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ISO speed

My digital camera allows me to control the ISO speed. I don't know what this means... my user's manual is not too helpful. Is the effect similar to controlling shutter speed?

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3/5/2003 7:22:02 AM

Deb Thomas   Nathan,
The ISO speed setting determins how sensative the chip is to light. If you set a higher number (e.g. 400) the chip is more sensative to light than at a lower number (e.g. 100.) When the chip is more sensative to light, you don't need as much light to make and exposure so us can use faster shutter speeds or larger aperture settings. The trade off with higher ISO setting is more noise in the image, this is similar to grain in a film image making the picture look less sharp and smooth.

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3/5/2003 8:09:41 PM

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