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Malay Ray

tele shot

Dear Sir,

I have previously the SONY DCR TRV 230 D8 Handy Cam. Which have 25x optical Zoom and 700x digital zoom.

I sold it and took SONY DCR-TRV18 Mini DV camera. Which have 10x optical Zoom and 120x digital zoom.

But I am not satisfy with the new camera in respect of the followings although the movie quality is much better than that of TRV230..

1. With TRV18 I cannot spot anything. such as I cannot spot an eye in full screen. Which I could did easily with TRV 230

2. I cannot take distance object as it was possible in TRV230, such as from one hill to another hill

3. I cannot go closer to the object as it was possible in TRV230

4. what is focal length and what is depends on it.

Would u kindly help me with the possible reason of the above and solution of the same.


malay ray

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2/9/2003 7:36:29 PM

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