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Sean Mcewan

Depth of field at night using big apertures

I've just bought a nikkor 50mm lense with 1.4 aperture. Now it's all very well having such a large aperture for avail light shots but your depth of field goes right out the window. If I'm shooting a live show or fireworks and want to use a large aperture so I can use a slower film what would be your advice be with concern to focusing. I found before that alot of my shots can be just annoyingly out.Any tips-Tricks.
thanx for your time

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1/8/2003 6:26:40 AM

doug Nelson   I struggled with the same issue with an f1.2 lens I once had. Focusing to infinity (if the subject distance allows it) would work better.
Maybe the inevitable lack of sharpness that comes with wide-open shooting negates the benefit of slow film.
Try using a 400 speed film, and closing your lens down a couple of stops. With fireworks, you get streaks from the long exposures, anyway. A little longer exposure won't hurt, and will allow you to use an aperture that will give sharper images.

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1/8/2003 11:32:24 AM

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