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Shooting a Brilliant Blue River

Hi. I am about to travel to New Zealand and there is the most amazing 'blue' river there known as the Hoka Falls. Last time I was there I did not have the camera - I have now and just shot with a Canon Powershot compact, but the photos came out nothing like what I saw. This time around I will be shooting with a Canon EOS 30. I have in my arsenal: 50mm portrait; 28-80mm zoom; 75-300mm zoom; 19-35mm wide angle; plus cl polarising filters for the zoom and wide angle lens. Should I use slide or negative film? Slow or fast film?

The blue that I am trying to describe is amazing, however the river does run fairly fast and there is some white water in it. I would be there around the middle of the day (this is unavoidable) and I will have a nearly 3 year old running around my feet so timing is everything!! Thank you in advance for your advice.
Kim from Oz!

P.S. are there any major precautions I should be taking in regard to getting my cameras and film through security (x-ray) checks etc?

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1/6/2003 8:06:34 AM

doug Nelson   If you want the color you see, try Fuji Provia 100, a slide film. If you are in freeze action situations, try the 400 speed Provia. If you consistently get proper exposures with your equipment, you can pretty safely expect good exposures with slide film.
Don't worry abot x-rays, as long as your film is in your CARRY ON bag, and not your checked bag.

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1/7/2003 8:22:04 AM

Kim    Doug, thank you so much for that, I have noted it down and will get that film before I go. I had a look at your site and it has given me some inspiration for my travelling pics. Many thanks again.
Kim from Oz!

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1/7/2003 5:33:53 PM

doug Nelson   Since you mentioned inspiration, I'll tell you where I get mine. I look at the contest entries on this site for the fresh ways of seeing these younger photographers come up with.

As a safety measure when you travel, ASK for hand inspection of your film (out of the boxes, in a transparent bag). Although you may get it tossed onto the conveyor anyway, depending on the whim of the inspector, the the law says you're supposed to get hand inspection if you ask.

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1/10/2003 10:33:22 AM

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