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Need quicker reaction time in a Point and Shoot

We are about to have our first children and want a new camera with quick reaction time so that we do not miss any cute baby moments! Our current camera is a Kodak Advantix F600 APS and it seems to have a long delay between the time the button is pushed and the image is captured. Is this an APS specific flaw? Or are my expectations too high and all point and shoot cameras have this to some degree? The only other camera we have ever had was a mid-priced Pentax (I don't know the model-lost it on vacation in 1999!) and it did not seem to have this problem. We are amateurs and only want a nice camera to take quality photos of our new twins. Any suggestions on what we should buy? Ease of use is a key feature, as well as built in flash and some zoom capabilities. Most photos would be indoors. I did some research on the Pentax IQ Zone 130m and the Olympus Stylus 80 and 140 QD and these seem to be good options; would you agree? Thanks for the advice.- Rebecca, Bloomingdale IL

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1/4/2003 11:54:57 PM

Jon Close
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  I don't know about your specific model, but I have an APS-film Minolta Vectis 20. On it there is a long delay between pressing the shutter and the shutter actually opening that is caused by the red-eye reduction feature of the flash. It shines brightly for about a second so that people's pupils close down a bit before the flash and shutter fire. On my camera this feature can be turned off and the shutter response is much quicker. You might be able to disable that feature on your Kodak as well.

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1/6/2003 9:12:29 AM

Wayne Attridge   Check out the Canon 35mm point and shoot. They have a setting for immediate shutter release. I believe it is called real time mode. When you push the button, the shutter releases. I don't have it in front of me. I bought one for my daughter to take to Europe. It zooms to 105mm, is compact, easy to use, and with the exception of the flash photos, which are never very good on any of these type cameras, the images are very good.

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1/6/2003 8:37:09 PM

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