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Heather Petersen

How to shoot the best nude portraits and where??

I'm a student at Highschool, not quite 18 yet, not until February at least, and I'm in AP Photo. I got permission from my teacher, parents, and principal to use nudes as my theme for my portfolio, but I'm having trouble knowing the best places that I could shoot and the best techniques for them. I've got the poses down great. My teacher loves them. I use black and white film only and I have a studio at my school, but seeing as how it's a HS, I can't take them there, even though all of my models are of age. I need a little...ok, well a lot of help. Also, I want to be a professional intimate photographer or maybe even one for advertising for victorias or an intimate shop. I need suggestions on the best colleges because Brooks Institute of Photography and Calarts are really expensive. Thanx!

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12/6/2002 3:24:45 AM

doug Nelson   In this age of political and "moral" correctness and people being easily offended, you should be very careful. Too many people in this society will refuse to understand your artistic intentions. Decent parents have been put through hell when busybodies at photofinishers call the cops on nude pictures of cavorting children. Learn to develop your own film; keep complete control over your images. Stay well within the art community. The outside community considers the human body to be obscene, while thinking it is perfectly all right to tell anyone on the internet how to make bombs. We have a long way to go in this country. Things as they are, be very careful.

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12/9/2002 11:06:02 AM

doug Nelson   Just thought of some work you could look at. does glamor kinds of work. He tells you exactly how he made each shot. It seems its all in the lighting. He uses all kinds of settings. Hope this helps. Not coming down on you in the above comments. I think the Europeans, especially the Germans, handle this kind of issue a lot better than we do in the US.

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12/11/2002 3:18:38 PM

Judith A. Clark   You can set up a studio in your home. Since you shoot black and white lighting will be more forgiving. Even though you have permission, remember parents will not object as much, if no important body parts show. I as a parent of 2 highschool students, would not object to modest poses that show the beauty of the body, not poses that could be taken as porn. Good luck, this could be a great project, if done with the eye of an artist. May I suggest white backgrounds, and a soft focus filter for a romantic mood. You might even want to drape your background fabric to add to the mood.

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12/11/2002 3:55:25 PM

Vincent Lowe   .. Decent parents have been put through hell when busybodies at photofinishers call the cops on nude pictures of cavorting children....

Happens in the UK as well, Doug. Famous actress (so famous I've forgotten her name!) was hauled off to the cop-shop after being reported by the lab. Her 'offence' - photographing her children in the bath, for gawd's sake! Fortunately, sense prevailed and she wasn't charged.

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12/14/2002 11:53:09 AM

Heather Petersen   wow, thanks guys. Uhm, Doug, thanks for the idea on I already know of the community's unwillingness to open their eyes and see the art in the body. I do strictly no genitals because in a context, that, to me, looks like porn. Also, I want to start a shop or be a professional photographer over in Europe because of the leniancy on the topic, however, when things are tabboo, people tend to ppay a lot more for them. I was in the mall the other day and saw a beautiful nude portrait of a woman selling for $95. As for setting up a studio in my home, Judith, I can't. My parents have some mental issues(literally) that they needed to work out, so I lie with my boyfriend of whom lives with his family(mom, 17 yr old bro, and 9 yr old sis). There isn't much room for me here in the 1st place, let alone for me to set up a studio. I have thought about it though, don't get me wrong.Any suggestions on agencies you guys think I should contact???

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12/16/2002 10:03:51 PM

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