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Susan E. May

Webcam from a Digital Camera?

I think I asked the wrong question a couple of weeks ago, sorry!:)

What I REALLY need to know is HOW TO SET UP MY DIGITAL CAMERA TO BE A WEBCAM (and visa versa for my son) so we can get 'live feed' when his son is born.
Can anyone help me? I am anxious to learn how.

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12/1/2002 7:23:07 PM

Anil K. Raghavan   Susan,

Your digital camera has to be capable of acting as a webcam as well. What's the brand and model of your digital camera and I could maybe get you a definitive answer whether you can use it as a webcam.


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2/12/2003 6:49:37 PM

Susan E. May   Hello, I'm so far behind! I'm back in college and already have MID-TERMS!

Anyway, I went and purchased a webcam since I found out neither Kodaks can be used this way.

At least my son serving in the war in Iraq can see us at home now:)

Thanks for helping.

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3/18/2003 5:13:40 PM

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