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Immersive imaging (i.e.-real estate virtual tours)

I'm trying to figure out what major differences there are in the different types off immersive imaging solutions such as the formats that IPIX,, LivePix, and so forth offer that makes them any different than one another as far as it is concerned when time for a webdesigner to place the image into the website? I have done this with LivePix software saved as a jpeg image then used it with IBM HotMedia software and it seems to do everything that IPIX and does who seems to have reigning control in this industry for the moment. How could I assure, or convince possible clients that my imaging is just as good a product?

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Mike    Hey! I am struggling with the same questions. I am currently working to develop my IPIX technology and I feel that this whole immersive imaging thing is so new that everyone seems to be scrambling for answers and techniques.

I'm always concerned with how any given interactive image application handles image quality, especially while navigating the image. That is always the bottom line for me. Hot Media is very choppy when the image is manipulated by the user
this is a real turn off for me I doubt that I will ever use that program. IPIX has the smoothest navigation features that I have found. But I would only use the formats that require the plug in. I don't think there is one program out there that does it all.

I am beginning to see that If I am going to create immersive images I must keep current on new applications that hit the market. And evaluate each client and each image individually. And carefully decide which application will best present the experience that I am trying to create. Sometimes I have to use multiple applications on the same
image to get the feel that I want. I am new at this but I say, no fear man. Jump in with the big boys and run with it. This is anybody's ball game and even some of the big time developers are struggling with this technology. Check out E Online virtual tours (no disrespect intended) of the playboy mansion.

I guess it's just something for everyone to struggle with right now.

I would love to hear more from others working with Interactive images.

Good Luck everyone.

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So you're working on learning IPIX technology. Do they still make you pay $25 per image fees? And if they are, are they helping you in getting assignments?

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