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B&W and Colour enlargers, whats the difference?

I'm planning on setting up my own darkroom, and am starting to look for an enlarger... my only problem is which one? Is it possible to produce Black and White prints on a Colour enlarger? I'd rather have the option of processing both.

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11/20/2002 5:48:30 AM

Andrew    this is my question exatly!!! maybe email your findings to me at

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11/20/2002 9:43:57 PM

Deb Thomas   Yes, you can make B&W prints with a color enlarger. On a color enlarger you use the color adjustments filters to control contrast instead of using the conventional contrast filters used in B&W.


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11/22/2002 8:30:36 PM

Larry Greenlee   Its easy to make both B&W and color prints from a color enlarger, color is much easier to make than quality B&W, most B&W photographers that I know (including myself) will prefer a condenser head for high quality prints, which you can also make great color prints from by useing a low cost filter set, I do love good B&W , try old barns and old farm houses and do some toneing

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7/14/2003 6:26:57 AM

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